TV viewing and recording facilities

The main TV viewing and recording facilities are based at Samuel Alexander Building.

Multimedia studios

Multimedia studios 2 and 3 (Rooms NLG.4 and NLG.3) are versatile language learning spaces which include:

  • PCs for CD and DVD playback, and access to TVoverIP (for viewing live channels via the University network)
  • Booths with LCD screens for group viewing of DVDs and TVoverIP
  • TVs/VCRs for video playback
  • Multi-region DVD/Blu-ray player (in Studio 2)
  • Specialised keyboards for inputting in different scripts

For all enquiries contact Abdul Pathan:



The ULC Library has a substantial collection of DVDs including a large world cinema collection, off-air recordings of documentaries, gameshows etc, and recordings to accompany language courses.

Reference only titles should be requested from reception.

Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts is a streaming video service which allows the scheduling of future recordings, and the viewing of previous recordings. The BoB service can be accessed by visiting Box of Broadcasts (Media Services).