Multimedia studios

The Multimedia Studios (Studios 2 and 3) are situated in the University Language Centre's open learning facilities on the lower ground floor of Samuel Alexander Building

These versatile language learning spaces are equipped with:

  • PCs (with headsets with microphones) for DVD and CD playback, videoconferencing, voice recording, use of multilingual software, etc
  • access to TV over IP (for viewing live TV channels via the University network)
  • booths with LCD screens for group viewing of DVDs etc
  • flexible work spaces for individual or pair/group work
  • TV/VCRs for video playback
  • printer serving both studios
  • multi-region DVD/Blu-ray player for single or group viewing
  • specialised keyboards for inputting in different scripts

Other spaces

  • Quiet study space in the Library and adjacent Study Area
  • Conversation Room (with PC) adjacent to the ULC Library: For small group work, Face-to-Face meetings, voice recordings etc. Digital recorders are available for loan from Reception. ULC staff can convert voice recordings into other formats. To book this space, ask at Reception.

The PCs in the ULC are intended for use by members engaged in language learning activities. Members are requested to find alternative PCs for emailing etc. (Eg in the Leamington Room Cluster.)