About us

LEAP stands for the Language Experience for all Programme, which is part of the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures.

This programme offers students the opportunity to study a language course alongside their degree.

LEAP offers 14 languages you can choose from at different levels. Therefore, whether you are an absolute beginner or a holder of a GCSE or A-Level in a certain language, you will be able to find a language that suits you. Students can study these courses for credit as part of their degree or choose to take them as non-credit for a fee. These language courses are also open to members of the public and University staff for a fee.

Apart from the choices that LEAP offers, the wonderful thing about the programme is that at the end of your degree you may have also obtained a level in some languages amounting to a C1.

Learning a new language provides access to diverse sources of knowledge, enhances professional opportunities and gives you better chances of employability. It enables you to create a unique blend of knowledge, experience and transferable skills to suit your needs.

As languages facilitate cross-cultural communication and understanding, learning them will foster critical thinking, empathy and adaptability. Learning languages enriches lives, bridging gaps between diverse communities and fostering a more inclusive and cohesive world.

Learning a new language gives you a fresh lens through which you can see a new world.

Dr Orieb Masadeh-Tate / Director, LEAP

Taking a LEAP language course for credit is subject to academic approval, entry requirements, language level test, availability and timetabling constraints. Therefore, you need to check this with your school first.