Rosie Goodman

Rosie is a Musician in Residence at the Royal School Manchester at the Seashell Trust. She graduated from Manchester with a MusB Music degree in 2016.

On what I do

I support children and young people who have complex learning disabilities, hearing, and/or visual impairments to participate in music education and leisure.

Rosie Goodman

This includes encouraging students to use the organisation’s custom-made gamelan, as well as playing saxophone and clarinet in special events and assemblies.

I also collaborate with the other Musicians in Residence and our Audiologist in Aurhythmics sessions, which enable pupils with hearing impairments to engage in focused listening.

I have supportive and experienced colleagues in school including highly skilled musicians, and we are fortunate to have input from members of the Hallé who work with pupils on a regular basis.

On developing skills at Manchester

Through studying at Manchester, I gained skills and knowledge that are relevant to my current role, such as how to use music with children who have special educational needs and learning British Sign Language.

Being involved in ensembles and group projects developed my ability to work as part of a team effectively. This is essential in an education setting. 

I also volunteered in a range of organisations including at Seashell Trust, which is when I first realised I wanted to work there.

On the highlights of my job

Students at Royal School Manchester are faced with multiple challenges, but they are able to achieve so much with the right support. Helping them to communicate and express themselves through music is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

The best part of my work is undoubtedly witnessing the positive impact music can have when a young person makes a breakthrough during a session, which could be anything from imitating what they hear for the first time to playing in the school rock band!