Based in one of the most vibrant musical cities anywhere in the world, students travel from across the globe to make their mark in our innovative, highly-regarded and welcoming Music department.

The Music department at Manchester has a reputation for innovations in composition, for our breadth of research in ethnomusicology and musicology, and for our focus on cultivating the very best in performance.

Our culture of performance unites a diverse department full of musical life, from Renaissance singing to Baroque chamber music; string quartets and orchestras to chamber choirs, opera and musical theatre; Klezmer and Gamelan groups to the jazz Big Band; and from the New Music Northwest festival to the 64-speaker MANTIS diffusion system hosted by the NOVARS Research Centre.

Whether you're studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, each and every student is an integral member of the research and music-making community at Manchester. Our varied course units, flexible course structures and lively learning environment challenge and inspire while allowing you to pursue your own passions and interests.