Centres, networks and groups

We support a number of research networks and groups, as well as hosting NOVARS, our major research centre, which specialises in electroacoustic composition and interactive music and media.

These hubs help our researchers to harness the potential of their research collaborations, developing new networks to explore common areas of interest, and fostering research relationships across the University, region and further afield. Each is led by one or more academics from the department.

Members are drawn from academic and postdoctoral staff within and beyond the University, our postgraduate research communities, and the thriving body of arts practitioners, managers and consultants working in Manchester's vibrant cultural and voluntary sectors.

As a University research centre, NOVARS hosts a wide range of collaborative research projects. These involve working with academic partners across the globe (especially in Europe), researchers working in the sciences at the University and colleagues at the Alliance Manchester Business School. The Centre also fosters relationships with industry professionals in the sciences and gaming industry.

Our research networks and groups have a more informal structure. They host real and virtual discussion fora, workshops and symposia designed to facilitate collaborative research on key issues and to ensure that our research reaches out beyond our discipline and department to have genuinely global impact.