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Researcher in music studio.

Postdoctoral opportunities

We have a strong record of success in nurturing postdoctoral scholars and helping them to achieve success in acquiring subsequent academic positions.

There are three main routes through which postdoctoral researchers can come to join us in the department.

  • We act as hosts for externally funded postdoctoral fellowships, principally the British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships scheme.
  • We encourage applications to The University of Manchester's internal postdoctoral fellowships, such as the annual Simon Fellowship competition.
  • We offer a variety of specific postdoctoral positions linked to our externally funded research projects.

Postdoctoral fellows have a nominated mentor to guide them through every aspect of their work at this crucial time of their career.

They also participate in the Faculty of Humanities HEA-accredited New Academics and Fellows Programme. This is a wide-ranging programme designed to help develop every aspect of an academic career.

The Music department assists in their career development by offering a wide range of opportunities to gain teaching experience within the parameters of the conditions attached to each fellowship.

The Research Support Office within the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures also offers bespoke guidance in the development of research proposals and projects.