Zahid Siddiqui

MusB, 2019

Master's student in vocal studies

Zahid Siddiqui

Tell us what it is you do.

I am currently undertaking a master’s in vocal studies at the Royal College of Music in London. This is a two-year action-packed course working with some of the best teachers and coaches around and it is a platform to a career as a performer.

How did your experiences at Manchester shape your chosen career path?

My experience at The University of Manchester gave me a well-rounded musical education and provided me with the skillset needed to continue on my chosen path towards a career in performance. The fantastic instrumental tuition won me a place with a scholarship at the institution of my choice. The endless performance opportunities outside of the degree gave me not only ample experience, but they also allowed me to get involved with the organisation of concerts and events, furthering my understanding of our industry.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I most enjoy communicating with audiences and allowing them to feel something through music that they may not have felt otherwise - this is very rewarding. I also enjoy collaborating with other singers and pianists to make music together.