Katie Bray

MusB, 2008


Katie Bray

It was during my time at Manchester University that I realised I was serious about pursuing a career as a singer.

My incredible singing teacher, Sara Parry, encouraged me to apply for music college and to push myself further as an artist, for which I’m eternally grateful.

The University of Manchester Music Department was an incredibly exciting and supportive environment in which to develop as a musician and to gain confidence in many different styles of performance. I especially loved the opportunities to perform so much new music, a lot of which was written by my friends! We also put on musicals, including a particularly wonderful production of Sunday in the Park with George, which I will never forget.

I am so glad I decided to study at The University of Manchester. Not only did I receive a wonderful education from the many superb teachers there, but I felt entirely supported in my quest to become a full time professional musician, and have felt supported by The University since I left, and even now, 11 years later.