Rohan Iyer

MusB, 2019

Pursuing a PhD

Rohan Iyer

Tell us what it is you do.

I am currently an ethnomusicologist in training about to embark on a PhD. My regional specialism is the study of Southeast Asian music with particular interests in the music of Indonesia and Thailand. My research combines a mix of ethnography, historical sources and transcription and analysis.

How did your experiences at Manchester shape your chosen career path?

The breadth of study opportunities available at Manchester provided a solid academic grounding in research skills across several sub-disciplinary fields that anchor my work in ethnomusicology. Also, Manchester’s exceptionally large performance scene allowed me to participate in several different genres of ensemble music that I am still active in today, thus complementing my scholarly interests.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love finding out about the multiplicity of ways through which music making of all sorts is integrated into societies. Ethnographic fieldwork is an amazing way to meet talented, interesting people and to get involved in these endless bounds of ‘musicking’. I find that an understanding of the roles music occupies in different contexts provides me with a deep appreciation of its importance in culture.