Ben Horrigan

MusB Music, 2012

Assistant Content Producer, Blue Peter, BBC

Ben Horrigan

My job is to produce exclusive content for the Blue Peter website, which can include anything from video clips to quizzes to online chats.

The best thing about this job is knowing that everything I make will be enjoyed by huge numbers of kids, both in this country and abroad. Blue Peter is still one of the UK’s favourite children’s programmes, so I feel very proud to work on it. I also love the sheer variety of my role; I work across so many different disciplines that I can never be bored and am always learning new things.

In the media world, while it’s helpful to be an all-rounder, having a specialism is invaluable. The musical skills I developed at the University of Manchester have made me the go-to ‘music guy’ on the Blue Peter team, which has led to lots of exciting projects. On top of that, my experience managing concerts for the Music Society has prepared me remarkably well for being a BBC producer.