Christina McNeill

MusB Music, 2014

Arts Council Fundraising Fellow, Hallé Orchestra

Christina McNeill

I’m on a 12 month traineeship hosted by the Hallé learning from experts in the field and supporting the organisations’ fundraising efforts, whilst working towards a Postgraduate Certificate in Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy.

I enjoy how my work now is still so centered on the arts and music. The fellowship provides a fantastic opportunity to learn about the business side of arts charities but also gives me the chance to help nourish, and make a difference to, a genre that I feel so passionate about. Fundraising is so often overlooked but is completely essential to arts charities’ survival; combined with working in such a prestigious organisation I really value the sense of making a difference.

The University of Manchester Music Department taught me not to shy away from a challenge. My tutors gave me so much support and guidance when taking on large tasks which helped me to break them down into manageable amounts. Furthermore, the Music Society opened my eyes to work that had to be done outside of the rehearsal room to get performances and shows to take place.