Languages XP Russian

Meet Daria, Keeleigh, William and Sylvia. They'll teach you some Russian and introduce you to Russian culture.

Meet your teachers

Вам нравится учить русский язык? (Do you like learning Russian?) Our students Keeleigh, Daria, Sylvia and William do. They are all in the final year of their degree and spent some time in Russia as part of their studies.      

Say hi to them in this short film - and find out more about Russian at Manchester here.

Russian Taster Sessions

Ready to give Russian a try? It's rather different to some of the other languages you may currently be studying, not least of all due to the different script. Start with Daria's two videos on the Cyrillic alphabet and maybe continue with William's film on self introductions. You can then work your way through the other topics in any order. You'll soon be showing off your new skills to friends and family. 


    Russian Links and Resources 

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