Languages XP Arabic

Saira, Ammar and Shomari study Arabic. They'll introduce you to this beautiful language and the food and music in Arabic-speaking countries.

Meet your teachers

You can find out more about Arabic at the University of Manchester here.

Find out who will be teaching you as you embark on your Languages XP Arabic adventure. Saira is in the fourth and final year of her Arabic Studies degree, Shomari studies Arabic and Spanish also in his final year and Ammar is in Year 3 of his Arabic and French degree. They will tell you a bit about themselves and why they chose to study this wonderful language:   

Arabic Taster Sessions

Try some Arabic with us:

Ammar shows you how to say where you are from and where you live. Shomari will introduce you to some very tasty dishes (and how to order them in Arabic). Saira will have you counting in Arabic in no time, will have you bopping along to Arabic music and she explains how to say hello and how to introduce yourself, too.