Languages XP Italian

Try your hand at Italian with our students Lily and Zoe-B.

Meet your teachers

Zoe-B studies Italian and Linguistics and Lily Italian and Spanish. They are both in their final year of university and spent last year living and studying in Italy as part of their course. If you're curious to know what Italian at the University of Manchester entails, head to the Italian Studies page.

Lily and Zoe-B are looking forward to sharing their love of the beautiful Italian language with you in the taster videos, but first they want to say hi:       

Italian Taster Sessions

Have a go and try Italian! Lily will show you how to greet people and you can explore various topics with her and Zoe-B. Make sure to check out the videos on Bologna and Naples, where Zoe-B and Lily studied last year. They'll take you to some of the beautiful sights and will make your mouths water by introducing you to some yummy regional dishes.