Languages XP Portuguese

Our student Eli will teach you a bit of Portuguese and will share what their Year Abroad in Brazil entailed.

Meet your teacher

Find out more about Portuguese at the University of Manchester here

Meet Eli - they study Linguistics and Portuguese at the University of Manchester and will be your guide for Languages XP Portuguese. 

Portuguese Taster Sessions

Try Portuguese with us. In the videos below, Eli will show you:

  1. Where Portuguese is spoken
  2. How it is pronounced
  3. What it was like to study and live in Brazil as part of their course
  4. Portuguese numbers and days of the week

Make sure to check out the resources below, too.         



    Pronunciation Video 

    Check the answers for the pronunciation challenge in Video 2. Copy and paste the words into   

    abraço (hug) - maçã (apple) - Português (Portuguese) - número (number) - paralelepípedo (paving stone)

    Did you get it right?  

    Numbers Video

    Try the crossword and colour by numbers challenges 

    Final Challenge - Mystery Drawing 

    You have watched all videos and feel confident? Great! For a fun activity try this challenge and then check your answers here.