Modern languages videos

Our students and staff are involved in various outreach projects. We are passionate about foreign languages and want to share this enthusiasm with young people.

You will find below recordings of outreach talks we frequently present in schools and beginners' taster videos to explore  the languages we offer at degree level.   

Why study languages?

We have recorded the talk we are most frequently asked to deliver in schools. It looks at the many ways languages can enrich our lives when it comes to future careers, cultural knowledge and being a citizen in the world and in a multilingual society. It aims to motivate students in Years 7-9 to consider modern languages as a GCSE option. 

The talk is supported by further resources for students (with pre-, while- and post-listening activities) and resources for teachers:

  • Pupil activity sheet (pdf / word)
  • Teacher resources (pdf)

Language taster videos

Languages XP is a widening participation project delivered by our modern foreign language students in local schools. After attending training sessions, our students plan and teach four beginners' taster sessions in a local school or college. We asked them to share their experiences in a short film and give us a sample of their work.

Each video is supported by extension materials and can be enjoyed as a short beginners' taster lesson. The films also give you a flavour of the type of outreach work you could get involved in as a student at the University of Manchester. 


Sophie studies French and Russian. She taught Russian at  Fairfield High School for Girls in February/March 2020, but has kindly agreed to give us an insight into beginners' French here.

Extension materials for French (pdf)    


Saule studies English Language and German. She visited Connell Co-op College in February/March 2020 and gives you a short taster here.

Extension materials for German (pdf)    


Elena and Brigitta study French and Italian. They taught at Co-op Academy North Manchester and Co-op Academy Failsworth in February/March 2020 and show you a bit of Italian.

Extension materials for Italian (pdf) 


Adam completed a BA in Business Management and Japanese at the University of Manchester and now studies for an MA. He visited  Sale High School for Languages XP in February/March 2020.

Extension materials for Japanese (pdf) 


Zoe completed a BA in Russian and Spanish and now studies for an MA. Iona studies Politics and Russian. They taught Russian taster sessions at Blessed Thomas Holford College and Wellington School.        

Extension materials for Russian (pdf)


James studies French and Spanish. He delivered the Languages XP programme in February/March 2020 at Burnage Academy for Boys.

Extension materials for Spanish (pdf)