Academic style and use

From this page you can access a range of activities that will help you to develop your understanding the different aspects of academic language. To use these activities, do the following:

  • Read the academic language categories below
  • Click the category you are interested in to find out more
  • Read the information about the activities before selecting

These activities provide information about different types of text and how to recognise them. They focus on the purpose that a text is written for, what kind of people write it and who will read it. It also shows similar features of spoken language.

The 'Language varieties' link below will introduce you to particular aspects of academic language you can focus on in the academic language categories. You are advised to look at this first if this is your first visit to this page.

This page gives an overview of the key terms used when discussing language varieties, with explanations and examples of how they are used in connection with academic writing.