Vocabulary use in academic language

These activities here focus on producing an appropriate academic style through the choice of vocabulary and the use of collocations. It gives you practice in selecting the most suitable words in a sentence or text.

Vocabulary and style

You will learn how to select appropriate vocabulary to vary the degree of formality of your writing and to achieve greater precision.

Using appropriate vocabulary

You will practise recognising and using appropriate vocabulary.

Collocations and academic style

You will look at the way in which words are used together to form standard combinations and how these are important in producing a conventional academic style.

Extended collocations

You will learn how to develop more complex collocations in order to make your writing more precise.

Multiword verbs

You will learn about the structure, meaning and use of phrasal verbs in academic writing.

Using multiword verbs

You will do some exercises to practise using phrasal verbs in context.

Abstract vocabulary

This learning object introduces a specific category of vocabulary that can be used to make your writing more precise.

Recognising the use of abstract vocabulary

You will practise identifying how abstract nouns are used in academic texts.

Idioms in academic language

You will find information about which categories of idioms and other expressions are appropriate for an academic style.

Practising idioms in academic language

You will practise distinguishing between informal and formal idiomatic expressions in an academic context.

Technical vocabulary and jargon

You will look at examples of technical vocabulary in academic contexts and consider when their use is appropriate.