Five Centuries of Glory: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Army

This course is not currently running.

This short, online CPD course aims to chart the development of the Roman Army from the Middle Republic to the Late Empire via the specific study of six key engagements.

These have been chosen to illustrate the changes in organisation, tactics, and equipment during this period, and also because they are described in detail in our extant sources and thus allow students also to look at the reporting of battle and analyse its reliability.

This course is not currently running.


The course will involve the study of the following battles over six weeks:

  • The Battle of Zama 202 BC
  • The battle of Pydna 168 BC
  • The Battle of the Sambre: Caesar's defeat of the Nervii 57 BC
  • The Battle at Teutoburgerwald 9 AD
  • Boadicea's Uprising 60 AD
  • The Battle of Adrianople 378 AD.

Teaching and learning

The course is delivered completely online using the Blackboard learning environment. 

It is taught and assessed via the use of online lectures, discussion boards and self-marking quizzes. 

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Entry requirements

You will need a computer with an internet connection to access the course.

Although there are no formal language requirements, those applicants for whom English is not their first language should note that the course is delivered entirely in English. Therefore a good level of written English will be needed to complete the course.

Fees and how to apply

The fee for the course is £270.

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