Postgraduate research in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

The global significance of research in this area enables us to explore a vast range of specialist areas, which we can offer as supervision options to our postgraduate students.

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Finding a supervisor

Our postgraduate research students benefit from supervision across a range of fields, covering a broad range of research specialisms in the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking world.

Our team's research interests include:

  • History
  • Nation
  • Culture and language 
  • Colonialism
  • Travel
  • Migration
  • Diaspora
  • Transnationalism 
  • Postcoloniality
  • Gender, sexuality and race 
  • Early Medieval and the Golden Age 
  • Translation studies
  • Interpreting studies

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Current PhD students

Here's what some of our current students are researching:

  • Julien Alzamora Candenado - 'Panama as a Point of Transit: Identity and Memory Practice'
  • Dylan Bradbury - 'Aural media as a Tool for the Consolidation of Identity: Mapuche Uses of Sound for Asserting Cultural and Territorial Autonomy'
  • Stephanie Burgess - 'In search of Spain's Riot Grrrls: The impact of feminism on the Spanish alternative music scene, 1975-2020'
  • Taylor Elton - 'Manifestaciones through flamenco: How flamenco developed into a vehicle for political and social protest from the mid-twentieth century'
  • Maria Fiore Burgos - 'Flamenco and Social Integration: Emerging Flamenco Pedagogies in Urban Spaces and Digital Platforms by Marginalised Groups'
  • Rodrigo Lopez Martinez - 'Literature, State, Nation: Poetics of Exile as Challenges to Latin-American National Literacy Tradition'
  • Carole Myers - 'Representation, Reception and Appropriation of Ideal Female Beauty: Cosmetic Erasure of Blackness in Contemporary Brazil'
  • Lisa Simpson - 'Non-Human Animals, Violence and Power in Brazilian Literature and Film 1960 to the Present Day'

Past PhD students

Here are some themes that previous postgraduate research students have researched:

  • Gabriel Neiva - 'The Literary Space of Guianas: The Topos of Kanaima in its Fictional Narratives'
  • Mauricio S. Soares de Oliveira - 'The Construction of a City: Salvador in the Writings of Jorge Amado'
  • Eleanor K. Jones - 'Out of the Iron House: Deconstructing Gender and Sexuality in Mozambican National Literature'.
  • Xime Castillo-Smyntek - The Role of the Mass Media in Contemporary Chilean Film: The Video 'Panamericangea' by Jandy C.S.G'.
  • Miquel Pomar-Amer - 'Diasporic Narratives of the Household: A Comparative Study of Writings by Catalan-Moroccan and British Pakistani Authors during the Last Decade'.
  • Alina Rzepnikowska - 'Convivial Cultures in Multicultural Societies: Narratives of Polish Migrants in Britain and Spain'.
  • Gustavo Carvajal - 'Palabra de mujer: Women, Memory and Dictatorship in Recent Chilean Fiction'.
  • Nicola Astudillo-Jones - 'Film Festivals and Magical Realism in Manchester'.
  • Kristina Pla Fernández - 'The Early Works of Bolaño and Vila-Matas: Alternatives to the 'Cultura de la transición''.
  • Tamara De Inés Antón - 'Female Identity, Body and Sexuality through Literature and Translation: Contemporary Latin American Women's Narratives'.
  • Maria Romero Caro - 'Peace Education in Colombia'.
  • Suzan Bozkurt - 'Beyond the Mirror: Mechanisms of Transgressing the Canon in the Fiction of Contemporary Portuguese Women Writers (1980-2010).'
  • Mary Farrelly - 'Infinite Elasticity: Mapping the Moving Spaces of Spanish Women's Enclosure.'
  • Nicola Runciman - 'Post-National Landscapes of the Novísimo Cine Chileno'
  • María Montt Strabucchi - 'Representations of China in Contemporary Latin American Literature'
  • Nicola Tomlinson - 'Reel Regions: Mapping the Trajectories of the Cinema Industries in Catalonia and Andalusia post-2007'