Japanese Studies research

We deliver fresh insight into the importance of studying Japan through cutting-edge research.

The Japanese Studies department at Manchester has been established since 2007.

Our department is made up of Japanese Studies specialists as well as a number of staff from other disciplines whose work focuses wholly or partly on Japan.

With backgrounds in areas such as history, engineering, literature and political sciences, our staff bring a range of expertise to the department.

Current research being carried out by our Japanese Studies team includes:

  • The relationship between religion and violence;
  • The contemporary religious dynamics of 21st century Japan;
  • The reproduction and replication of pilgrimage sites in Japan;
  • Education and socialisation in Japan;
  • Japanese educational reforms;
  • Japanese women's entrance into the public sphere in 19th century Japan;
  • Women readers, writers, and reading practices from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries.