Chinese Studies research

The research undertaken in Chinese Studies predominantly focuses on modern and contemporary China, spanning the 20th century and into the new millennium.

Our Chinese Studies researchers form part of the British Inter-University China Centre, a consortium jointly established with the Universities of Oxford and Bristol.

China is studied as transnational China, encompassing the whole of the Chinese speaking-world, which is centred around the mainland, but also includes Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan as well as diasporic Chinese communities in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America and elsewhere.

Current research undertaken by faculty members includes modern and contemporary Chinese literature, culture and society, internet literature, digital media, gender and sexuality, affect studies, visual arts, environmental literature and the supernatural in traditional Chinese culture.

Staff in Chinese Studies collaborate with a range of experts from across The University of Manchester and beyond.

Centres, networks and clusters

  • Confucius Institute - A partnership between The University of Manchester, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) and Beijing Normal University, Manchester is the proud home to the second Confucius Institute to be established in the UK.