German Studies research

We're dedicated to research which explores the interface between politics, culture and identity in the modern German-speaking world across and beyond its national boundaries.

Our research has included the creation of teaching materials that emphasise language variation among German speakers to help students learning German as a foreign language.

Our understanding of German Studies is multiple and interdisciplinary, with a particular emphasis on culture and history from 1800 to the present day.

The specialisms of our German Studies experts include areas such as the cultural history of Imperial Germany, contemporary Turkish-German culture, migration studies and cosmopolitanism. We also have expertise in German-Jewish studies and Holocaust film, magazine culture, the public intellectual and the history of translation.

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Home to branches of two of the world's most prestigious linguistic institutes: the Confucius Institute and the Goethe-Institut Examination Centre.

Centres, networks and clusters

Medieval and Early Modern Studies research cluster

With access to rare and outstanding resources, Medieval and Early Modern Studies spans several disciplines and is looked after by the John Rylands Research Institute and Library.