Residence abroad

All of our Modern Languages degrees offer the opportunity to study and/or work for up to a year in a country or countries relevant to your chosen language(s).

The School has partnerships with an impressive selection of universities worldwide: from Hong Kong to Hamburg, São Paulo to Siena, you'll improve your communicative language skills through focused learning in a native-speaker environment, and develop a first-hand understanding of the history and culture of your host country or countries.

If you are studying French, German Italian, Portuguese and/or Spanish, you also have the opportunity to work and/or volunteer abroad.

As one of the most targeted universities by employers, we are always receiving details of exciting internship opportunities across the globe and, together with our award-winning Careers Service, we will help you at every stage of the application process.

Whether you want to teach English with the British Council, gain experience at a fashion house in Paris, or a top Spanish football club, you will be supported to find the right placement for you.

Our dedicated team of Residence Abroad staff all have first-hand experience of the year abroad and the many opportunities and challenges it can bring.

We offer a wealth of resources to help with preparations including the School and University year abroad handbooks, an online resource area, and a calendar of events where you will be able to speak to country specialists and hear all about our final year students' residence abroad experiences.

For students interested in our Flexible Honours scheme, if you choose to study a language as a Minor subject, you will have the opportunity to complete a Vacation Residence Abroad placement during the summer. The School will also offer you a grant of £600-£1,000 to help towards the cost.

Whichever route you choose, your Residence Abroad can strengthen languages skills and employability in many ways, and provide a valuable and inspirational life experience.