Postgraduate research in Italian Studies

Join the lively postgraduate research culture of one of the largest and diverse Italian departments in the UK.

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Benefit from creative professional development via a dedicated Graduate School and have access to one of the UK's leading research libraries, as well as the resources of the University's state-of-the-art Language Centre.

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Finding a supervisor

Our postgraduate research students benefit from supervision on a wide variety of topics across a range of fields, from the Duecento to the contemporary.

Our team's research interests include:

  • History
  • Literature
  • Linguistics
  • Cultural history
  • History of the book and textual studies
  • Translation studies
  • Visual culture
  • Renaissance culture
  • Boccaccio, Dante, and medieval Italian literature
  • Cinema studies
  • Premodern manuscript and print cultures
  • Text technologies
  • Digital literary studies
  • The history of libraries and collecting
  • Culture and Dictatorship
  • Periodical Studies
  • Modernist Studies

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Current PhD students

Here's what some of our current students are researching:

  •  - 'Giulio Camillo's Theatro della Sapientia and theatres of knowledge in the Early Modern period' (JRRI PhD Scholarship)

Past PhD students

  • Michaela Baldo - 'Translation as Re-Narration in Italian-Canadian Writing: Codeswitching, Focalisation, Voice and Plot in Nino Ricci's Trilogy and its Italian Translation'
  • Chiara Berrani - 'Alice's Adventures in the Italian Land: Translating Children's Literature in Italy across a Century (1865-1988)'
  • Francesco Casti - 'Testing the Interclausal Relations Hierarchy: Aspectual and Modal Periphrases in Modern Sardinian'
  • Francesco Maria Ciconte - 'Existentials in Early Narratives of the Vernaculars of Italy'
  •  - 'Looking at Boccaccio's Reception through a Series of four Snapshot Micro-Histories of Specific Locales: Late Fifteenth-Century Seville, early Sixteenth-Century Prague, mid-Sixteenth-Century Venice, and Twentieth-Century Manchester
  • Giusti Giulio Luciano - 'Modern and Contemporary Painting in Dario Argento's Films'
  •  - 'Modern Medici: The 25th and 26th Earls of Crawford and their Manuscript Collections'
  •  - 'How to be a Poet, Translator and Editor: Attilio Bertolucci and the Modernization of the Italian Literary Canon'
  • Laura Pennacchietti - 'Italian Translations of Postcolonial English Novels: Mapping Cultural and Linguistic Otherness in the Italian Literary Marketplace'
  • Francesca Nottola - 'Translation as a Potential Catalyst for Social Change? Feminine Models from Romanzi della Palma (1932-1943), Fascist Discourse and Italian Culture and Society'
  • Laura Anne Parker - 'Public History and Collective Memory in Venice and Venetia, 1815-1915'
  • Veronica Pizzarotti - 'Authorizing Ariosto in English: Three Translations of Orlando Furioso, 1591-1791'
  • Elena Anna Spagnuolo - ‘The Split Self and the Phenomenon of Self-Translation: Italian Writers between More Languages and Cultures’
  •  - 'Twentieth-Century Texts in Translation and Manchester's Carcanet Press'