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Modern Languages and Cultures


Teaching and research staff within Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies.

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Dr Ignacio Aguiló
Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies

Research areas: Race in contemporary Latin American culture; popular culture and kitsch; visual culture; popular music; decolonial/post-development theory; cyberanthropology.

Dr David Bailey
Lecturer in Portuguese Cultural Studies

Research areas: Lusophone literatures; the 19th century; queer and postcolonial studies; urban and popular culture.

Ms Adriana Bausells-Espin
Language Tutor in Spanish

Adriana is from Zaragoza, Spain, and holds a BA in English Studies and an MA in Specialised Translation (University of Zaragoza), as well as an MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, Intercultural Education and Educational Sociology (University of Alcalá de Henares).

Areas of expertise: Translation; audiovisual translation (audio description) and foreign language (FL) teaching; FL pragmatics; interculturality in FL teaching.

Dr José Peixoto Coelho de Souza
Language Tutor in Portuguese

José is from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and holds a BA in English and English Language Literatures and a PhD in Applied Linguistics (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil).

Areas of expertise: Language teaching materials development; the use of songs in language teaching; Portuguese as an Additional Language teaching; literomusical literacy.

Dr Francisco A Eissa-Barroso
Lecturer in Latin American History

Research areas: Early Modern Spanish World; Political History; Early Bourbons; Atlantic Lives; Imperial History; Networks; Military Officers; History of Political Thought.

Dr Valentino Gianuzzi
Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies

Research areas: César Vallejo; Latin American literary and pictorial avant-gardes; Latin American magazines and print culture; Peruvian literature; literary translation.

Dr Esther Gomez-Sierra
Lecturer in Spanish Studies

Research areas: Literary dialogues of Late Medieval and Renaissance Spain, with a special interest in rhetorical and argumentative analysis; political texts of Early Modern Spain; Spanish Golden Age drama and poetry; Don Quijote; authority in Medieval and Golden Age Spain.

Ms Blanca González-Valencia
Language Tutor in Spanish

Blanca is from Pamplona, Spain, and holds a BA in Humanities and PGCE (University of Navarra), a BA in English Studies (University of Zaragoza) and an MA in Translation Studies (Salford). She is currently doing a PhD at Manchester on dubbing in social realist cinema. 

Areas of expertise: Audiovisual translation; translation and contextualisation in the FL classroom; the adaptation of audiovisual products. 

Ms Alhucema Lara-López
Language Tutor in Spanish

Alhucema is from Jaen, Andalusia, Spain, and holds a BA in Hispanic Philology (University of Granada).

Areas of expertise: Linguistics applied to teaching Spanish as foreign language.

Dr Samuel Llano
Senior Lecturer in Spanish Cultural Studies

Research areas: Urban studies; transnationalism; sound studies; music; cultural history.

Dr Susana Lorenzo-Zamorano
Senior Language Tutor in Spanish (Language Coordinator)

Susana is from Palencia, Spain, and holds a BA in English and Spanish (University of Valladolid) and a PhD in Spanish (Manchester Metropolitan University). 

Areas of interest: theatre studies; pedagogy and methodology with special interest in Language for Specific Purposes (LSP); Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL); mediation and interculturality; Problem-Based Learning (PBL); Education for Sustainable Development (ESD); the use of literature and ICT in language teaching. 

Dr Deborah Madden
Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Research areas: Women writers; feminist studies; 20th-century Spain and Portugal; Iberian Studies.

Mr Rubén Manuel-Oronich
Language Tutor in Catalan and Spanish

Rubén is from Lleida, Spain, and holds a BA in English Studies (University of Lleida), a Postgraduate Course on Training of Teachers of Catalan Abroad and an MA in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition (University of Barcelona). 

Areas of expertise: The profile of the L2 Catalan learner and their motivations, and the implications of this choice.

Dr Rubén Peinado-Abarrio
Language Tutor in Spanish

Rubén is from Oviedo, Spain, and holds a BA (2009) and PhD (2013) in English Studies (Universidad de Oviedo).

Areas of expertise: The connections between contemporary narrative fiction from the United States and the Spanish-speaking world; the use of literature in the foreign language classroom.

Ms Eulalia Pereira-Gumbley
Language Tutor in Portuguese

Prof Chris Perriam
Professor of Hispanic Studies

Research areas: Contemporary cinema in Spain, especially in relation to social issues, queer filmmakers and audiences; poetry in Spanish 1980 to the present day; lesbian and gay writing in Spanish and Catalan; LGBT film festivals in Spain and France.

Prof Karl Posso
Professor of Latin American Studies; Deputy Head of the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures

Research areas: Brazilian (and Latin American) art; 20th-century and contemporary Spanish American and Brazilian literature, culture and ethics; critical theory.

Prof Lúcia Sá
Professor in Brazillian Cultural Studies

Research areas: Brazilian literature and culture; the city in Brazil and Spanish America from 19th-century to the present; ethnopoetics and native cultures in Brazil and South American lowlands; racism in the plural: prejudice against native peoples in Brazil.

Dr James Scorer
Senior Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies

Research areas: Latin American cultural studies; Latin American literature and visual culture; Latin American comics work; urban imaginaries and urban history.

Mr Juan Soler-Salermón
Language Tutor in Spanish

Juan is from Andalusia, Spain, and holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting (University of Málaga) and a PGCE (University of Seville).

Areas of expertise: translation, foreign language teaching and new technologies in teaching.

Dr Carlos Van Tongeren
Lecturer in Spanish Cultural Studies

Research areas: Memory in post-totalitarian cultures; flamenco and memory in post-Franco Spain; intellectual history of melancholy.

Emeritus staff

Prof Hilary Owen
Professor Emerita of Portuguese and Luso-African Studies

Research areas: Portuguese, Mozambican and Brazilian women's writing; feminism, gender studies and postcolonial theory; Lusophone cultural studies.