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Modern Languages and Cultures

Russian and East European Studies

Teaching and research staff within Russian and East European Studies

Dr Adelina Angusheva-Tihanov 
Research Fellow

Specialisms: Medieval Slavic and Byzantine literatures; adaptation of cultural models; medieval rhetoric; medicine; prognostications and apocrypha; Medievalism; Balkan twentieth-century prose.

Prof Stephen Hutchings 
Professor Of Russian Studies

Specialisms: Russian cultural and media studies; Russian and Soviet television and film; Russian and Soviet literature and literary/cultural theory.

Dr Alex Jackson
Lecturer in Russian Studies.

Specialisms: Soviet history; history of football; Modern European history; Space(s) and Place(s).

Mrs Liza Langley

Senior Language Tutor in Russian Studies

Dr Rachel Platonov
Senior Lecturer in Russian Studies

Specialisms: Russian and Soviet popular culture; 19th and 20th century Russian literature; interactions between literature, music and performance.

Ms Elena Simms
Language Tutor in Russian

Specialisms: Methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language

Prof Vera Tolz-Zilitinkevic 

Sir William Mather Professor of Russian Studies

Specialisms: Nationalism and identity politics in Russia and Eastern Europe; media and identity in Russia; relationship between culture and power in Russia and Eastern Europe; the politics of memory.