Engaging our communities

We aim to increase public understanding and support for arts and languages and to communicate their significance for the wider community.

This includes fostering relationships with businesses, employers, the general public, alumni, local schools, other universities and institutes of higher education and service providers.

Culture at Manchester

Public events and engagement

We run a diverse range of public and community events, ranging from open days and public lectures to festivals and musical concerts.

Manchester Histories Festival

Manchester Histories Festival volunteer

Academics, students and alumni from the History department within the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures are actively involved with the Manchester Histories Festival.

Manchester Histories Festival takes place over 10 days with events held at a wide range of venues across Greater Manchester.

The Celebration Day is a one day event on the last Saturday of the festival that is traditionally held in Manchester Town Hall and includes exhibitions, talks, film screenings, games and lots more.

The festival is for people of all ages and historical experience from schoolchildren and college students to family history enthusiasts and museum curators, everyone can get involved.

See how academics, students and alumni from the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures are actively involved with the Manchester Histories Festival in the video below:

Multilingual Manchester

Multilingual Manchester is based within the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures at the University of Manchester and promotes awareness of language diversity in the city-region and beyond.

They study the practical challenges and the immense opportunities that language diversity brings and explore how it shapes people’s language repertoires and practices.

Multilingual Manchester has recently launched LinguaSnapp, a mobile app aimed at developing a multilingual landscape map of Manchester through.

The School is committed to supporting a vibrant cultural environment in the city of Manchester and beyond.

The School sustains close relationships with a variety of artistic and cultural bodies, both inside and outside the University, and puts on a variety of cultural events which are open to the public.

These include:

We have a number of visitor attractions that are open to the public, offering something for everyone: