Responsible processes

Our processes balance efficiency with opportunities to create social and environmental benefit.

Equality and diversity

We support the Athena Swan Charter which recognises advancement of gender equality. The charter has been expanded to recognise the work undertaken in Humanities and Social Sciences as well as promoting careers in science and technological fields.

Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends logo

Dementia Friends is one of the University's Social Responsibility flagship programmes. Raising awareness of dementia is one very small step that we can all take, regardless of whether we have any direct experience of dementia.

The School’s Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama has pledged to become a dementia friendly arts venue. As such, it has joined the Dementia Action Alliance and runs awareness sessions for staff and students.

Apprenticeship Scheme

The School supports the creation of new apprenticeship schemes in the University.

Apprentices are recruited into a range of roles across the School and are integral in ensuring the University continues to excel nationally and internationally.

Colleagues across the School supervise and mentor our young people and take the responsibility of supporting them incredibly seriously.