Expressing cause and effect

This section provides information about cause and effect relationships in texts. It focuses on the different ways in which you can link causes and effects in academic contexts and the importance of using a range of cause and effect structures in your writing.

Introduction to cause and effect links

You will listen to a short talk and then identify the cause and effect structures that it contains; you will consider the grammatical categories these structures belong to.

Linking words expressing cause and effect

You will consider some sentences in which causes and effects are linked by connectives. You will do some error analysis and correction.

Using cause and effect connectives to join ideas

You will practise linking pairs of sentences using different connectives.

Nouns expressing cause and effect

You will look at some examples of how to link cause and effect using nouns. You will do an exercise to practise using them.

Verbs expressing cause and effect relationships 

You will correct some sentences that link causes and effects using verbs. You will also receive some advice on the differences between 'affect' and 'effect'.

Using verbs to express cause and effect 

You will match halves of sentences using an appropriate verb.

Expressing cause and effect relationships in a paragraph

You will read and interpret a set of notes and then write a paragraph using appropriate cause and effect linking words.

Identifying cause and effect in a longer text 

You will look at a longer text and identify the cause and effect relationships. You will then re-write the key cause and effects, using appropriate linking words.