Course fees 2024-25

Below you will find all the information on course fees at the University Language Centre in 2024-25.

Members of the public

  • £600 full standard 23-week course. Fees for the standard 23-week courses can be paid in one or two instalments (half on enrolment and the other half in January).
  • £325 for the Semester 2, 12-week courses.
  • £220 for British Sign Language, per semester.

University students

Current (mainly undergraduate) students with available ‘free choice’ credits:  

  • 20 or 10 credits.

Current (undergraduate & postgraduate) students with no ‘free choice’ credits available:

  • £380 full standard 23-week course.
  • £210 (Sem. 2- 12 weeks courses).
  • £140 for British Sign Language, per semester. 

University staff

  • £380 full standard 23-week course.
  • £210 (Sem. 2- 12 weeks courses).
  • £140 for British Sign Language, per semester.


  • £380 full standard 23-week course.
  • £210 (Sem. 2- 12 weeks courses).
  • £140 for British Sign Language, per semester.

Fee payments

Payment of course fees can be made online (link sent by LEAP office).

Booking conditions

Courses are first come first served. Please apply as early as possible to ensure a place on the course.  Application deadlines can be found on the essential information page.

By signing the application form, you are agreeing to these booking conditions:

Places on the course are only guaranteed once an application form has been received, fees/credits have been paid and you have received a confirmation from the LEAP office.


Refunds for course fees will only be made up to:

  • Full-year courses: 5pm on Friday of Week 2 of the course - Friday, 4th October 2024.
  • Semester-only courses (Semester 2 only): 5pm on Friday of Week 1 of the course - Friday, 31st January 2025 

Students who do not wish to continue a full-year course and request a refund for the Semester 2 fees, or choose not to pay it, will not be allowed to re-join a later year, and should they wish to enrol on a LEAP course in the future, they will be required to pay to full fees and start in September of that academic year.

Refunds must be requested in writing to the relevant email address: 

The course description gives a good indication of the level of the class, and tutors may be available to briefly assess your level when you apply.  Credited students should note the deadlines for course unit selection via their Home School. It is not possible, unless in exceptional circumstances, to change your course unit to a higher or lower level after the deadline for course unit selection has passed.

Cancelled Lessons

There will be no refunds for cancelled lessons.

Lessons cancelled due to staff sickness will be rescheduled. We will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible when this happens, and to rearrange the class to an alternative suitable time.

Lessons cancelled due to strike action will not be refunded. Students should refer to the University of Manchester Strike FAQs here for up to date information on the University’s position: Strike action: information for students | The University of Manchester


Non-credited students, staff and members of the public are eligible for a certificate of study on successful completion of the course.  ‘Successful completion’ means achievement of a 40% pass mark and regular attendance on the course.  Credited students will receive the relevant number of credits, if they pass the course. Certificates are available upon request in writing made it