Sexuality Summer School (SSS)

The Sexuality Summer School (SSS) is an annual five-day, city-wide event, combining daytime seminars and workshops for postgraduates from the UK and beyond with evening and lunchtime events open to the public.

One of fifty partners in the Greater Manchester LGBT Arts and Culture Network, the SSS offers a model for public engagement and impact work, showing students how a range of event formats – lectures, readings, film screenings, workshops, and seminars – can engage wider audiences in key academic debates on feminist and queer issues.

As a platform at the intersection of rigorous academic study and arts and cultural production, the SSS provides a supportive environment for postgraduates engaged in the study of gender and sexuality to discuss their research and ideas with peers, and to engage with high-profile artists, activists, and academics, enabling the formation of new research networks across the UK and beyond.

Inaugurated by Prof Jackie Stacey in 2007, SSS themes have included:

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