Civil Rights Histories for A-Level

The history of the black freedom struggle now features on most A-Level History subject guides, and is a major topic of interest among young students of History.

The project

In the past fifteen years there has been a burst of new and innovative studies of the US black freedom struggle. The purpose of this project is to co-produce with A-Level teachers a short booklet that outlines some of the ways in which this scholarship has changed, and which offers fresh approaches for those teaching the subject at A-Level.

First-year American Studies students in Dr. Andrew Fearnley’s seminar will produce the booklet between October 2020 and January 2021. The group will liaise closely with teachers across the Manchester region, to identify the types of materials, topics, and resources most relevant to the teaching of this subject.

While offering our own students an experience in the production of historical work, the program is also intended to build new alliances between academics and the school sector. We hope to make the booklet available for free download on this site in early 2021.


If you are an A-Level History teacher especially interested in US History, and wish to be involved in shaping the booklet’s contents, please register your interest here.

Find Out More

We aim to build subsequent activities around the booklet in 2021, and welcome any suggestions teachers may have around this. Please contact, SALC Outreach Officer, in the first instance.

You can find out more about our American Studies programme here.