Civil Rights Histories for A-Level

The history of the black freedom struggle now features on most A-Level History subject guides, and is a major topic of interest among young students of History.

The project


In the past fifteen years there has been a burst of fresh and innovative studies of the US black freedom struggle. ‘New Approaches to US Civil Rights History’ (2021), a booklet produced by members of the University of Manchester American Studies’ programme, outlines some of the ways in which academic scholarship on this topic has changed, and offers fresh approaches for those teaching the subject at A-Level.


The booklet is freely available, and can be downloaded as a PDF here. It is intended for anyone teaching US History at A-Level.

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If you are interested in the study of US History, and wish to be hear more about this project, our public events, or future resources produced by the American Studies programme, please contact, SALC Outreach Officer, in the first instance.

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