Analysing data commentaries

This section is concerned with looking at data presentation in academic writing. In particular, it considers the use of tables and charts, and analyses the structure of accompanying data commentaries.

An introduction to data presentation and commentary in academic writing

You will review some common ways of presenting data in academic texts.

Features of data commentaries

In this activity you will practise identifying some of the characteristic features of data commentaries.

Analysing a data commentary

This learning object provides an opportunity to explore a complete data commentary.

Use of verbs in summary statements

This activity focuses on the characteristics of a range of verbs often used in data commentaries.

Reconstructing a data commentary

In this task you will reconstruct a data commentary that accompanies a graph.

Extended practice in data commentary analysis

This learning object contains activities focusing on a series of data commentaries and tables from one article. You will practise analysing tables and critically analysing commentaries.

Review of data commentaries

This activity reviews what you have learned about data commentaries in this session. It also includes some revision of the use of the present perfect in English grammar.