Proofing tools

All standard PC clusters provide support for multilingual word processing, in the form of Proofing Tools provided with Microsoft Office 2010.

The addition of proofing tools enables you to use the spelling and grammar checking capabilities in Microsoft Office for a wide range of languages.

  • Spelling errors - When Microsoft Office detects a suspected spelling error, this is highlighted by red underlining
  • Grammatical errors - Suspected grammatical errors are highlighted in green

Please note: Microsoft Office cannot detect all errors and also sometimes makes mistakes. It is important that you check your work too.

Using the Proofing Tools

Spelling and grammar detection is carried out using the relevant language dictionaries according to either:

  • the language detected by Microsoft Office
  • the language that you have set manually

Automatic language detection:

Microsoft Office attempts to automatically detect the language you are using. It will then use the Proofing Tools for that language.

Microsoft Office sometimes makes mistakes when trying to detect the language. Your text may also be written in more than one language; for example, you may have short phrases or words in a different language from the rest of the paragraph. In this case you will need to set the language manually for the Proofing Tools to work correctly.

To set the proofing tools manually:

  1. In Word 2010, select 'Review' tab
  2. Select 'Language'
  3. Select 'Set Proofing Language'