Timetables - Korean


We offer full-year (two semesters, September to May) 3-contact hours per week courses aiming to develop your language competence and cultural knowledge for all walks of life in Korea. Levels available range from absolute beginner to A2 standard as per the Common European Framework.

Course: LEAP Korean 1 (A1)

Course code: ULKR51010

Lecturer: Mina Ha

  • Group 1: Monday 12pm - 1.30pm Roscoe_2.10 and Tuesday 12pm - 1.30pm Sam Alex_A215
  • Group 2: Monday 2pm - 3.30pm Sam Alex_A7 and Tuesday 2pm - 3.30pm Roscoe_2.5

Course: LEAP Korean 2 (A2)

Course code: ULKR51020

Tutor: Mina Ha

  • Group 1: Monday 3.30pm - 5:30pm Mansfield Cooper_4.10 and Tuesday 3.30pm - 4:30pm Roscoe_2.5