Information for registered students

Keeping in touch

Since students come from a wide variety of different departments, it may not be obvious where to find staff or relevant notice boards. Tutors will give you information as to how to contact them, which you may also find in Blackboard or in the staff pages.

Please attend all your classes and check Blackboard regularly for messages. Important information about written and oral examinations, course work and so on will be given to you by your tutor, during class time.


Plagiarism is the theft or use of someone else's work without proper acknowledgment, presenting the material as if it were one's own. Plagiarism is a serious academic offence and the consequences are severe.

Coursework, dissertations and essays submitted for assessment must be the student's own work, unless in the case of group projects a joint effort is expected and is indicated as such. Unacknowledged direct copying from the work of another person, or the close paraphrasing of somebody else's work, is called plagiarism and is a serious offence, equated with cheating in examinations. This applies to copying both from other students' work and from published sources such as books, reports or journal articles. Plagiarised material may originate from any source. It is as serious to use material from the World Wide Web or from a computer-based encyclopaedia or literature archive as it is to use material from a printed source if it is not properly acknowledged. Use of quotations or data from the work of others is entirely acceptable and is often very valuable provided that the source of the quotation or data is given.

Plagiarism is a serious offence and will always result in imposition of a penalty.

Mitigating circumstances

Credited Students-

Students are responsible for submitting a request for mitigation to their School according to the procedures and deadlines published by the School. Students may wish to consult the Basic Guide to Mitigating Circumstances, the Student Support page on mitigating circumstances or the Students’ Union Advice Service for further advice about the process. Students are encouraged to tell their School as soon as they are aware of any possible issues that may affect their progress or assessments. Early submission of requests makes it easier, for example, to offer flexibility in the arrangements for assessment, if the application for mitigation is accepted.

Requests for mitigation should be submitted by a student to their Programme owning School only, even if the student is submitting a request for mitigation for a unit managed by another School.

Non-credited students, staff, alumini and members of the public-

As assessment is both formative and optional for this group of students. Non-credited students, staff, alumini and members of the public are not eligible for mitigating circumstances. 

Facilities for language learning within the Language Centre

The Language Centre Open Learning Facilities are located in the basement of the South Wing of the Samuel Alexander building.

As part of your independent learning programme, you will have to use these facilities, which include satellite television, internet, foreign language films and videos, cassettes and CDs. You may also record directly from the video facilities. There is a recording room available for recording yourself. For more information, access the Language Centre resources web pages. It is a good idea to read these pages frequently, as the site is updated regularly.

Support for students with disabilities

The Disability Advisory and Support Service (DASS) provides support for current and prospective students who may need additional support. Please register with the Service to see what support they can provide.


If you are able, please talk to your class tutor about any concerns in the first instance. If you would prefer not to discuss it with your tutor, please contact the Coordinator for the UWLP/LEAP Programme, Orieb Masadeh-Tate using the email below:

If you are still not satisfied after discussion with the Director, you may proceed with formal complaint procedures.