Study abroad

Study abroad is an excellent opportunity for you to see the world, experience new cultures and study at one of our partner institutions overseas.

Most of our undergraduate courses allow you to spend time - usually a semester - at one of our partner institutions outside the UK.

However, if you want a period abroad built into your undergraduate degree, choose a course that includes an additional compulsory full academic year abroad – eg courses with a language component, or 'with international study'.

Benefits of international study

  • Enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Broaden your horizons.
  • Grow as a person.
  • Boost your prospects in the job market.
  • Improve your language skills and cultural awareness.
  • Gain a new perspective on your subject area.

Courses with a study abroad option

Modern Languages

All of our Modern Language degrees offer the opportunity to study and/or work for up to a year in a country or countries relevant to your chosen language.

History and a Modern Language

When you combine history with a modern language in this four-year course, we introduce you to a wide range of historical, literary, linguistic and cultural subjects and periods in your first two years. You then spend your third year abroad, immersing yourself in the language and culture of a country appropriate to the language you have chosen.

Other study abroad options

American Studies

The American Studies study abroad programme offers students in the second year of their degree the chance to study at a North American university.

American Studies students can also apply for a limited number of opportunities to study for a whole year at the University of California.


Studying abroad at one of our approved institutions gives you the chance to develop expertise in the archaeology of your host country. Destination-specific specialisms such as Inuit material culture, Australian rock art, or Scandinavian hoards could shape the content of your final year dissertation.

In addition, as part of your studies, you'll have the opportunity to join research teams at sites across the globe. Whether you choose to join a dig on Neolithic stone monuments in Orkney, Bronze Age settlements in Cyprus, ancient art and artefacts in Jersey or colonial sites in Australia, this life-changing experience will see you work with practised archaeologists to make discoveries that help to shape our knowledge of the world.

  • Find out more about Archaeology fieldwork

Art History

In your second year, you'll have the opportunity to explore key international collections through a five-day study trip to a leading European destination such as Rome, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona. Combining guided tours, talks and independent research, the field trip culminates in an extended essay on return to the UK.

Each year, we also offer two second-year students the opportunity to access a summer internship at the world-famous Peggy Guggenheim Collection, situated on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. This is one of the most visited attractions in the city.


Drama students can spend a semester studying in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, or the United States at one of our dedicated partner universities.

International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response

As well as benefiting from university-wide study abroad options, you'll also have the opportunity to undertake optional fieldwork in the UK or overseas, looking at concepts such as emergency preparedness and response, recovery and reconstruction.


The Music study abroad programme provides an option to study at a partner institution during the second year of our Music or Music and Drama courses (not the 'Joint Course' with RNCM). We have partnerships with music departments at universities in the US, Canada, Australia and Canada.