Study abroad

Our International Exchange Programme offers students the opportunity to study abroad.

Map of the United States of America showing
View a map of our exchange partnerships in the USA

An International Exchange is an excellent opportunity to see the world, experience new cultures, experience a different education system and study at one of our many partner institutions overseas. 

The period of study abroad is available for a semester in Year 2 of a three-year course, or a year in Year 3 of a four-year course

For first-hand experiences from our students, visit the Manchester On The Road blog to read accounts from:

  • Shifra Power (studying abroad at North Carolina State University, USA)
  • Ailsa Jones (studying abroad at Queen's University, Canada)

There's also an excellent travel and study blog from a previous student, Libby Turner: UoM Study Abroad Wordpress

In addition to the blogs your students might be interested in following students' international exchange experiences on Instagram and on Facebook.

Exchange partnerships

The programme presently has student exchange partnerships with the following North American institutions: 

And the following European institutions: