Katie Lythgow

Screenwriting MA

A Q&A with Katie Lythgow

What has the MA course done for you?

Katie Lythgow

Through the MA course I met a lovely group of people with common goals. It also gave me the chance to do a work experience industry placement which led to my current job, which I love.

Overall, the course taught me the key principles of storytelling that helped me to improve my work. And I do actually use them in my daily 9 to 5!

How has the course changed your writing?

I'm now much more conscious of structure in my writing – it really is everything.

What did you learn from the industry speakers?

Speaking with them helped to demystify the industry for me. It was really encouraging to hear that there's not a single route into this field – everyone had different stories and it made me feel like maybe I could do it too.

Would you recommend anyone doing the course?

If you want a career in TV/film and don't know where to start, I would recommend the MA for the insight it gives into the industry. It's not a typical academic course – it's very vocational and is focused on preparing you for a job.

What does the future hold?

I'm now a Junior Storyliner at Hollyoaks, which is exciting and crazy! It's a fast-paced environment with long hours and a lot of pressure, but it's so fun to spend my days being creative and just coming up with ideas for a set of characters. It's a bit like playing with dolls!

For now, I just want to keep learning and see what happens…