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Centre for New Writing

Current PhD students

PhD students at the Centre for New Writing pursue a wide range of topics. Here's what some of our current students are researching.

  • Fatema Abdoolcarim – '"Hum": A Film about Loss and the Longing to Return'
  • Lucy Burns – 'Twentieth-Century Dream-Poetry'
  • Chad Campbell – 'A Contemporary Poetry of Witness'
  • Kathryn Dixon – 'A Feminist Study of Barbara Hepworth'
  • Imogen Durant – 'The Progressive Verse of ASJ Tessimond and Dawson Jackson'
  • Susan Finlay – 'The Director of Interpretation'
  • Selina Guinness – 'The Ethics of Countenancing Self and Other in W B Yeats and Elizabeth Bowen'
  • Charlotte Haines – 'The Nine Lives of Jeopardy Jones'
  • David Hartley – “Fly' and the Fantastic Acoustic: Narrative Constructions of ASD in Speculative Fiction and Film'
  • Tessa Harris – 'The Winifred Stories'
  • Billy Kahora – 'The Constitutions'
  • Rosemary Kay – 'Fictionalising Real People in Creative Media and Literature: How Creating Characters based on Real People Influences the Quality and Validity of a Piece of Imaginative Fiction' 
  • Nathaniel Ogle – 'Narrative Parallax: A Novel and Critical Dissertation Exploring Multiple Narrative Perspectives'
  • Nell Osborne – 'Towards a Theory of Writing: Gender, Subjectivity and Poetics in the Work of Ann Quin'
  • Joseph Reed – 'Ekphrasis and the Economic Order. Wealth, Power and Art in the Work of Don DeLillo, Rachel Kushner, Tom McCarthy and Michel Houellebecq'
  • José Saleiro Gomes – 'Loss, Memory and Futurity in AIDS Poetry'
  • Eleanor Ward – 'Writing about Disability Through Poetry - Tensions Between Social and Medical Understandings of the Body in Women's Contemporary Poetry'
  • Stephanie Warner – 'Anxiety, Melancholy and the Experimental Lyric'
  • Mariah Whelan – 'This Continuous Performance'
  • Hilary White – 'Accommodating the Mess: New forms for the Novel in Experimental British Women's Fiction in the 1960s and '70s'