David Rattigan

Screenwriting MA

David Rattigan

On the strength of his MA portfolio David Rattigan 24, from Cheshire has been signed to Curtis Brown, one of the leading agencies in the UK.

Agent Lily Williams said: "I was so excited to read David’s work – it has a brilliant mixture of great storytelling, humour, pathos and just fresh ideas. I was really pleased by how thoughtful, hardworking and open he is. He’s open to getting on with it, wants to get his work on, wants to learn, improve, collaborate."

A Q&A with David Rattigan

What has the MA course done for you?

The aqueduct, sanitation… Ahem. No, honestly so much! For the longest time I’ve wanted to pursue a career in writing, but before discovering the MA, I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it. The MA completely opened my eyes. Tim Price and Emma Clarke, who oversee the course, are veterans of the film and TV industries, and from week one were inhumanly charitable in sharing with us the treasure trove of knowledge and experience that exists within their heads – not to mention the seemingly endless stream of producers and assorted industry heavyweights they invited up to chat with us on an almost weekly basis. I feel I know a remarkable amount now about the business, how it operates and where I will hopefully fit into it. And on top of that my classmates were some of the nicest, most talented people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. (We’re currently planning a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Can’t wait!)

How has the course changed your writing?

I have a far greater appreciation of structure now, thanks to Tim’s brilliantly in-depth module on the subject. In the past I might’ve just jumped straight into a story, working out the details as I go (and of course I still don’t shut my gut out entirely!), but now I think much more carefully about the building blocks that comprise the stuff I’m writing. Fascinatingly the story design that underpins even the biggest of Hollywood blockbusters can be found in the myths and folklore of old, but I’ll let Tim tell you more about that! I’ve also grown more confident in my writing, encouraged by the frequent one-on-one sessions with both Emma and Tim – as well as the supportive, playful “writer’s room” atmosphere of class – to spread my wings and have faith in the ideas that tumble from my brain, no matter how silly I fear they might be (though word of warning: Emma isn’t a fan of Greek gods. You’ll need to ask her why).

Would you recommend anyone doing the course?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in a career in film or television, even if it’s not necessarily writing, I’d definitely give it a good think. The people you meet, the insight you gain – there’s even a really nice café just across the street. Apply!

What does the future hold?

Excitingly I’m currently developing several original projects for TV and film, some of which began their lives on the course. With a bit of luck we'll see them on our screens soon! (Or at the very least in a DVD bargain bucket at a petrol station.)