Italian Studies

Teaching and research staff within Italian Studies.

Italian Studies academic staff

Dr Guyda Armstrong
Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies

Specialisms: Italian medieval literature (Boccaccio, Dante, Petrarch) and its reception; book history and print culture; the history of translation; digital humanities.

Prof Delia Bentley
Professor of Romance Linguistics

Prof Francesca Billiani 
Professor of Italian

Specialisms: 20th-century Italian cultural history; publishing history; European modernisms and avant-gardes; 1930s aesthetics and dictatorships; 20th-century Italian cultural politics.

Ms Monica Boria
Senior Language Tutor in Italian

Specialisms: Contemporary Italian cultural studies; humour studies and translation.

Prof Stephen Milner
Serena Professor of Italian

Specialisms: Late Medieval and Renaissance Cultural History; reception of classical rhetorical theory in Italy 1250-1500; Machiavelli; Boccaccio; Florence and the Medici; Pistoia and the Florentine territorial state; manuscript and early printed book production and parchment; reception of Italian Renaissance in nineteenth-century northern England; urban space and architecture.

Dr Serena Vandi
Lecturer in Italian Cultural Studies

Specialisms: Dante Alighieri; the reception of Dante in the 20th and 21st centuries; Carlo Emilio Gadda; 20th- and 21st-century Italian Literature and Culture; Satire and Humour Studies; Comparative Literature; Stylistics and Rhetoric.

Honorary and Emeritus staff

Dr Stuart Oglethorpe
Honorary Research Fellow in Italian Studies

Mr Spencer Pearce
Honorary Fellow Lecturer in Italian Studies

Dr Christopher Rundle 
Honorary Research Fellow in Translation and Interpreting

Prof Nigel Vincent 
Professor Emeritus of General and Romance Linguistics