Chinese Studies

Teaching and research staff within Chinese Studies

Dr Ablimit Baki Elterish
Senior Language Tutor

Specialisms: Chinese sociolinguistics.

Ms Hongjun Ma
Senior Language Tutor

Specialisms: Chinese language and literature education, cross-cultural communication.

Dr Ed Pulford
Senior Lecturer in Chinese Cultural Studies

Specialisms: anthropology of China; socialism and postsocialism; China-Russia relations; borderlands.

Dr Gregory Adam Scott 
Senior Lecturer in Chinese Culture and History

Specialisms: Buddhism; Chinese religions; print culture; digital humanities.

Dr Zhaokun Xin
Lecturer in Chinese Studies

Specialisms: Ming-Qing literature and culture, affect theory, gender and sexuality studies, Sino-Japanese literary exchanges.

Dr Minjie Xing 
Senior Language Tutor

Specialisms: Chinese business negotiation; intercultural communication.

Haiyan Zeng
Language Tutor

Specialisms: Applied linguistics.