ULSP51040 - LEAP Spanish 4 (B1/B2)

  • Credits: 20
  • Pre-requisiteULSP51030 - LEAP Spanish 3 (B1) or equivalent e.g. A-Level Spanish grade D/C taken in the last three years.
  • Co-requisite: If you are studying a Modern Languages Degree, either single or joint honours, please refer to relevant guidance about eligibility for LEAP units on your programme structure. This course is not open to native or near-native Spanish speakers.
  • Taught during: Both semesters (September to May).
  • Level of attainment: (B1/B2) By the end of the course, students should be able to perform at Level B1/B2 of the Common European Framework.
  • Timetable: Clilck here


This course is for students who have successfully completed ULSP51030 - LEAP Spanish 3 (B1) or equivalent and wish to take their Spanish to the next level. 

The course offers the solid foundation required for achieving language competency with the use of complex grammatical structures of the Spanish language and sophisticated written and aural texts on a variety of subjects covering contemporary issues.

The course provides an extensive range of vocabulary which will enable students to communicate fluently and effectively, both orally and in writing. They will be able to use language flexibly and effectively for social and professional purposes and produce clear, well-structured written texts on complex subjects, expressing points of view at some length. Communication skills will be developed including discussion, presentation and reporting skills.

Students will also address more aspects of the culture and current issues of the countries where Spanish is spoken.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to: 

  • demonstrate competency in understanding and knowledge of language structure grammatical rules;
  • understand a wide variety of longer more demanding texts and conversations, and recognize implicit meaning;
  • speak with reasonable fluency and spontaneity and take an active part in discussions;
  • give a presentation on a specialist subject, outlining advantages and disadvantages of particular cases;
  • independently write short essays, reports and letters putting forward personal points of view by using a variety of vocabulary and formulaic expressions and using the target language in a wide range of contexts.

By the end of the course, students should be able to perform at Level B1/B2 of the Common European Framework.

Transferable skills

Pair and team work, focussed listening, informal presentations, language awareness, and cultural appreciation.

Teaching and learning methods

One three-hours or two 90 minutes seminars per week, delivered through blended learning which integrates on campus and on-line instruction as necessary.

This will also include online digital learning available via Blackboard and will be supplemented by extra online resources to aid students in their independent learning.

Teaching hours

72 hours (3 hours per week) including assessment.

Independent study hours

140 hours (not including assessment time).


All assessments are summative.

Non-credit students and members of the public need to be aware that written exams will not take place during lesson time.

Semester 1

  • Written exam; 30% weighting; held in university's semester 1 exam period in January

Semester 2

  • Listening exam; 10% weighting; held in week 11
  • Speaking exam; 30% weighting; held in week 12
  • Written exam; 30% weighting; held in university's semester 2 exam period in May/June

Dates to be confirmed.

Nature and timing of feedback

Feedback will include a combination of informal ongoing feedback resulting from class-based learning activities and formal written feedback given following summative assessments.


Dr Sandra Torres

Taught by

Dr Sandra Torres

Maximum entry

23 per group

Set text

Aula internacional Plus 4 – Libro del alumno - ISBN: 9788418224461 

Textbooks will be complemented by tutors with extra content and resources in order to ensure students will complete the B2 level in line with the CEF standards for each level.

Recommended texts

Gramática de uso del Español. B1-B2 Difusión ISBN 8467521082


ULSP51050 - LEAP Spanish 5 (B2/C1)