Funding opportunities

Funding your programme will be a crucial factor in your decision to apply for a postgraduate research degree, so the earlier you consider your funding options, the better.

Once you have determined your funding intentions, you should be ready to submit your programme application. Section 9 of the application requests your intended funding sources. In this section, you should detail fully all the competitions in which you would like to be considered.
The section first asks 'Have you secured or do you intend to apply for funding to cover the cost of your studies?'. If you are self-funding, you may select 'no'.

If you would like to apply for funding, you must select 'yes' and provide the details of your funding intentions. If you intend to apply for multiple competitions, all must be detailed in section 9 to ensure you are included. There is no limit to the number of competitions you may enter. To enter an internal competition, please add a funding source, and populate the fields as below:

  • Type of Funding - Uni of Manchester Scheme.
  • Awarding Body - In the free text box, enter the name of the funding competition (e.g. 'Humanitarian Scholarship').
  • Status of Funding - Intend to Apply.

The remainder of the boxes may be left blank. Please give any further relevant details in the 'any other comments' box. Select Add+ to detail further competitions.

To determine your intentions, please browse all funding opportunities within the Humanities Doctoral Academy.