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Research grants and fellowships

Since 2008, the History department has raised more than £3 million of grant income.

  • Anindita Ghosh, Calcutta: Scandal, Death and Crime in a Colonial City, c.1850-1920, £64384.
  • Bertrand Taithe and Tony Redmond, £650,000 (2009-12).
  • Bertrand Taithe, Humanitarian Relief and Conflict Response, £16,652.
  • Bertrand Taithe, Handicap International, £13,362.
  • Daniel Szechi, nine-month AHRC research fellowship for 'Britain's Lost Revolution? Louis XIV, the Scots Jacobites and the French Invasion Attempt of 1708' (2012-13).
  • Georg Christ, DAAD funded research cooperation, CEU Budapest and the University of Heidelberg, ‘Trans-European Diasporas’ - €20,000 (2012-2014).
  • Georg Christ, Faculty of Humanities, University of Manchester, ‘News of Modernity’ - £13,000 (2013).
  • Georg Christ, Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship, ‘The Sea-Born State: Venetian and Mamluk Maritime Policies in the 14th Century’ - £49,994 (2017).
  • Jean-Marc Dreyfus, British Academy Thank-Offering Fellowship, ‘Disclosing post-Holocaust and deportation exhumations: the example of the French national search mission for corpses, 1945-1958’ - £44,841.56 (2016).
  • Jean-Marc Dreyfus, USC Shoah Foundation, Centre for Advanced Genocide Research, 'Corpses of the Holocaust. The treatments of corpses as described in the video testimonies of the Shoah Visual Foundation' - $30,000 (2018).
  • John Morgan, AHRC Standard Grant, ‘Local Governance and Community Resilience: How Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs) and Communities Managed Flooding in England’ with Greg Bankoff (Principal Investigator, University of Hull) and Leona Skelton (Co-Investigator, Northumbria University) - £364,423.86 (2017-2020).
  • Hannah Barker, Family and Business in North-West England 1760-1820, £149,465.
  • Julie-Marie Strange and Bertrand Taithe, £285,000 ESRC research grant for 'Charitable consumption: innovation in compassion in Britain, 1870-1912' (2012-15).
  • Julie-Marie Strange, AHRC, 'Pets and Family Life in England and Wales, 1837-1950' with Jane Hamlett at Royal Holloway -  £448,390 (2016-2019).
  • Paul Fouracre Negotiating Non-Royal Power in the Twelfth Century, £17,678.
  • Paul Oldfield, British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship, ‘Urban Panegryic and the Transformation of the Medieval City’ - £52,551 (2016).
  • Penny Summerfield, Civil Defence in Cold War Britain, £64,443.
  • Peter Gatrell, nine-month Leverhulme fellowship for 'Rehabilitation and population displacement in the post-war world' (2012-13).
  • Peter Gatrell, 'Economy of Central Asia', £70,659.
  • Peter Gatrell, with Nick Baron, University of Nottingham, £120,000 AHRC follow-on project grant for 'Refugees in post-1945 Europe: experiences in and beyond the DP camp' (2012-13).
  • Peter Gatrell, AHRC Standard Research Grant, ‘Reckoning with Refugeedom, 1919-1975: Refugee Voices in Modern History’ - £876,000 (2018-2021).
  • Sasha Handley, AHRC Follow on Funding for Impact and Engagement, ‘How We Used to Sleep’ - £100,764 (2017).
  • Sasha Handley, British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship, ‘Bedroom Stories in Early Modern England’ - £104,299 (2015).
  • Stephen Mossman, €50,000 Marie Curie fellowship in the Gerda Henkel Foundation's M4HUMAN programme for 'Merchant Bankers and Knights Hospitaller' (2012-14).