Our study areas

We offer specialist training in translation, interpreting and intercultural communication.

Each area affords a particular range of skills and experience depending on the direction you wish your career to take.

Intercultural Communication

Studying intercultural communication invites you to explore the cultural complexities and diversity of current times, from a variety of conceptual, disciplinary and professional perspectives. You'll consider what these complexities might mean for individuals in a variety of contexts and to further develop your intercultural awareness and skills. 

Graduates in this area gain employment in fields where intercultural competence is valued, such as multinational organisations, international projects and NGOs, and multicultural and immigrant communities.

Translation and Interpreting Studies

Studying translation and interpreting studies will equip you with the knowledge and skills for a career in translation or other professions which require expertise in cross-cultural communication.

You will acquire competences which allow you to compete successfully for translation jobs in international institutions or in the freelance sector and to work in the rapidly evolving field of multilingual and multimedia communication.

We also teach an analytical and reflective approach to translation and interpreting, providing excellent preparation for further study and research at PhD level.

MA Intercultural Communication (MAIC)

Our MA Intercultural Communication (MAIC) is designed for a broad range of students interested in intercultural matters. You can specialise in areas such as intercultural engagement at work and in communities, multilingualism and diversity, language studies and migration, language and identity.

MA Translation and Interpreting Studies (MATIS)

Our MA Translation and Interpreting Studies (MATIS) is one of the longest-running and most comprehensive postgraduate degrees in translation and interpreting offered by a UK institution.

Each year students come from all over the world to study this master's, creating a truly multilingual and multicultural group.